PC Gaming Monitor Desk Stands


“Over the course of its existence, Ergotech’s earned a reputation for building some of the best monitor stands and mounts out there – especially true where gaming’s concerned.”    -Rob Williams, Techgage

Check out the Ergotech Widescreen Gaming Stand!

What better way to enhance your PC Gaming experience than with Multi-Monitor stands!

Ergotech has teamed up with WSGF (”Wide-Screen Gaming Forum,” a non-profit organization dedicated to the Gaming community) to create custom PC Gaming monitor stands.

Our Gaming monitor setups feature the WSGF Edition Ultimate Desk Stand v2, which supports 3×1-L and 1+3 configurations with up to 27″ panels, as well as 5×1-P with 24″ panels. The WSGF Ultimate Desk is the only Multi-Monitor Gaming desk stand on the market designed for ultra high-res 27″ panels, or 5×1-Portrait configurations.

The WSGF Ultimate uses a unique 5-segment arm to minimize the stand footprint.  Additional options to further reduce the footprint (wall and thru-desk mounts) are also available from the WSGF.

For the best Gaming monitor setup, check out the Ergotech WSGF edition stands below!